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Pegasus Motor Group is not just an auto broker firm. Our team members believe, really believe, that the future is what WE make of it. It is our mission to collect ambitious experts rabid to network and create everything of value. PMG’s founder, Ike Arutyunyan, has an extensive background in sales, the arts and computer sciences. He extends an invitation to interview anyone who has marketable skills and a vicious will to create value. Apply for an interview with Pegasus Motor Group by filling out the contact form below, and responding to relevant emails.

PMG’s Principles

Pegasus Motor Group is founded on the guiding principle, “to increase living standards.” Our bread and butter is to save people’s discretionary income through the science of research and the art of negotiating for the greatest savings.
PMG gets people a bigger bang for their monthly buck. We extend a service that promulgates the principle of increasing living standards by utilizing a network of talent and labor saving schemes.
We continue to build a team of dedicated salespeople, graphic designers, web developers, software engineers, videographers, directors, actors, marketing masters, social media entrepreneurs.

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