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Suite 306 LOS ANGELES, CA. 90015

Pegasus Motor Group, California Licensed Dealer


Pegasus Motor Group is proud to serve you and we stand by our value of delivering the highest quality service and pricing. Thank you for your patience in preparation for an unforgettable deal. The signee must read and agree to the terms of the lease or vehicle purchase; including financing documentation, before submitting this form. Inspect the vehicle and all other accessories to affirm quality and final acceptance of the aforementioned items. Verify the V.I.N. number as being correct and proper to all submitted documentation. Thank you for your business.


The signee agrees to the minimum service fee of $199.99 as well as any additional service fees as recorded on the receipt of services. The total sum of payment for services to be rendered is required in full before service commences. The signee has read, acknowledged and agreed to all financing, disclosure, and disclaimers required for sale. The signee has also received the breakdown of total cost, withholding any costs unassociated with the direct services of Pegasus Motor Group as an auto broker. A Pegasus Motor Group representative has notified me, the signee, of a $199.99 service fee to render services. The signee understands that returning a vehicle after finalization of purchase is not a viable option. To protect all parties involved in this transaction, the vehicle purchased and brokerage fee is not to be returned. Signing this BROKERAGE FEE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT contract and then not fulfilling the terms of this contract constitutes a breach of duty. By completing the section below, the signee has read and understands the agreement. By signing and sending the signee agrees to the above terms.

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